E-Learning: Health and Safety Basics

Course Overview

We’ve probably all been guilty of the odd eye roll in response to ‘health and safety’ comments at work!

Yet health and safety regulations have our best interests at heart; they seek to protect our physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace and are absolutely essential for all organisations operating under UK law.

Jobs in today’s society are highly varied, with employees working across many different environments and sectors.

In social housing, regardless of whether you work at a desk in the office, are out visiting customers and residents or you are a trade operative, you will still be exposed to health and safety related risks.

This course explores the types of health and safety issues you might face and outlines the responsibilities we all have in keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe from harm.

What’s Covered?

The main topics covered in this course are:

  • Government responsibilities
  • Employee responsibilities
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Manual handling
  • Fire safety instructions and equipment
  • Personal safety awareness
  • Safe workstation set-up
  • End of session quiz

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Recognise why health and safety is important for individuals, employers and society as a whole
  • Understand the frameworks of health and safety legislation
  • Recognise the responsibilities your employer has for your health and safety
  • Use a range of health and safety techniques and good practice to help keep yourself safe at work (and beyond!)

How to Enrol

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