IFSM Accredited Fire Dynamics, Passive Compartmentation and the Importance of Fire Stopping

Webinar Overview

This webinar will provide a good understanding and insight into fire dynamics, looking at the spread of fire and how the importance of adequate compartmentation and fire stopping can be effective in reducing the risk from fire spread.

The webinar will also take a look at the competence of passive fire safety companies, accreditation and some of the common pitfalls for delegates to look out for when inspecting compartmentation and fire stopping remedial works.

Whilst we do not look in detail at fire resisting doors in this session, we do take a look at the overall importance of the function role that fire doors play in compartmentation and minimising fire spread.

In this interactive webinar, delegates have the opportunity to ask questions and get involved in discussion relating to compartmentation, fire stopping and minimising the risks from fire spread.

What’s Covered?

This knowledge building webinar gives an insight and introduction to fire dynamics, the importance of fire stopping and satisfactory passive compartmentation in mitigating the spread of fire; suitable for all levels of delegate, this session does provide a great overview. The webinar includes:

Fire dynamics

  • Ignition
  • Spread
  • Pyrolysis
  • Compartmentation fire growth
  • Passive compartmentation
  • Limits of fire resistance
  • Resistance and reaction to fire
  • Fire ratings
  • Means of Escape

Fire stopping

  • Correct use of materials
  • Expanding fire foam

Choosing a passive fire safety company

  • Third party accreditation

The functional role of fire doors

Session Delivery

Our virtual training session is delivered ‘live’ by our knowledgeable and professional trainer with ample time for delegates to ask questions throughout the session.

The session will include several short breaks to allow delegates to maintain their comfort.

An e-certificate of attendance and emailed copy of the slide presentation in a handy note format will be provided for all delegates who attended the session.


This course can be delivered in the following ways: