IFSM Accredited Fire Doors in Residential Buildings Diploma

Course Overview

Understanding the requirements, carrying out inspections and assessing fire doors in residential buildings

Note: this course has been developed specifically for the social housing sector and is only available to those employees who work within ‘not for profit’ social housing providers.

With the implementation of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 from January 2023, the Government has finally provided registered providers with definitive information regarding fire doors within residential properties.

Supporting the Fire Safety Act (which in turn expanded the Fire Safety Order) The Regulations outline periodic inspections, but crucially do not give any methodology for completing them. This was previously found within the Consolidated Advice Note (CAN) of January 2020 together with a benchmark guidance for building owners to follow.

Our two-day course combines all of the latest legislation, together with the underpinning knowledge and crucially, an inspection methodology, based upon the CAN and benchmark guidance to provide landlords within the skillsets (in-house) to undertake the correct level of inspections in accordance with their legal requirements.

What’s Covered?

This two-day course is split in to six ‘bite-size’ modules which will provide delegates with the theory behind the requirements (multi-choice assessment at the end of each module to confirm learning) as well as a practical assessment to ensure that delegates can put into practice what they have learned.

  • Fire dynamics
  • Passive compartmentation
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Fire door specifications
  • Individual standards
  • Risk assessment & inspection
  • End of course practical assessment.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will understand the legislative requirements and associated guidance relating to fire resisting doors as well as being able to determine individual requirements for doors and doorsets and associated ironmongery.

Following successful completion of this course and the required assessments, delegates will not only have the underpinning knowledge and practical skills but will also have the confidence to carry out the necessary inspections and determine the proportionate outcome for each fire door.



This course can be delivered in the following ways: