Testimonials: Fire Safety

Here’s what some of our previous delegates said about our fire safety training courses led by our trainer, Tony Bolder…

Fire Doors in Residential Buildings Diploma (Tony Bolder)

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"A very in-depth course with lots of practical information delivered by a very knowledgable and engaging trainer."

- Emily Jamieson, Lead Asset Officer

"Very informative course with a lot of useful information. Well delivered and put together."

- Terry Vine, Senior Compliance Admin

"Absolutely enthralling course. Expertly delivered. The single most informative piece of training I have attended in recent years!"

- John Stevens, Principal Building Surveyor

"Very informative, specifically gained more knowledge on all aspects of fire door inspection."

- Gary Potter, Compliance Surveyor

"Completely changed my approach to looking at fire doors and opened my eyes to looking at the 'bigger picture'."

- Mark Legg, Fire Safety Surveyor

"I will not look at a fire door as just a door. Very surprised in how much there was to learn about fire doors."

- Matthew Fagg, Housing Response Officer

"Very informative. Tony is very knowledgable and delivers the course well. Inclusion of practical activities is extremely helpful."

- Connor Humphrey, Senior Building Surveyor

"The training was of a very high standard, providing wide, in-depth, theoretical and practical information on a subject which is at the heart of current fire safety (eye opener for many)."

- Celfyn Evans, Fire Compliance Officer

"Excellent delivery, Tony's knowledge is clear to see."

- David Fillingham, Compliance Surveyor

"Tony succeeded in navigating a clear path through a myriad of contradictory legislation and guidance."

- Richard Burrows, H&S Advisor

"Excellent subject knowledge and delivery. Expanded my knowledge of fire doors and inspection."

- Chris Inglis, Principal H&S Officer

"Eye opener to the components and function of a fire door."

- Tomos Williams, Property Surveyor

"Excellent training and very relevant to my role. Have gained a lot of understanding of regulations and what is, and not, acceptable."

- Dylan Griffith, Clerk of Works (New Build)

"Great trainer, engaging content, very knowledgable."

- Emma Sennett, Fire Safety Project Coordinator

"Very informative course outlining the challenges faced in social housing. Issues to incorporate moving forward."

- Chris Roberts, Principal Asset Manager

"Really good at giving us a vision into a subject which is relevant at this moment and updated since Grenfell Tragedy."

- Stephen Smith

"A really comprehensive course, expertly delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer - excellent!"

- Trudy Clements, Group H&S Manager

"Thanks Tony for two great days. Made quite an onerous area of our work a very enjoyable experience!"

- James Lebens, Project Manager

"Tony was excellent, explanations and knowledge second to none. The course was very interesting to me personally as it relates to my job."

- Marc Jones, Fire Door Inspector

"Very useful training for myself and my team because we inspect fire doors and property compliance on a daily basis. It was very interesting the way it was incorporated with fire safety and RA."

- Grace Musodza, Repairs and Maintenance

"The course went beyond just fire door safety. By covering all aspects of fire, such as passive, it shows how fire doors are part of the bigger issue of fire safety."

- Joe Deamer, Compliance Manager

"Tony is a very knowledgeable trainer, who delivered all the information I require to carry out my job much better."

- Jason Gould, Inspector

"Excellent training. In depth look at fire doors but also in context with fire and risk assessment in general."

- Trevor Wilson, H&S Advisor

"Very good documentation, Tony got the information across very well. I have left the training knowing more than when I started."

- Kevin Brannon, Head of Fire Safety Delivery

"Opened my eyes to how complex fire doors and fixings plays a huge part of fire safety."

- Stephen Foster, Compliance Inspector

"Very informative and kept the group engaged at all times. Was able to take time to answer questions."

- Bernard De Mel, Project Manager

"Learned about older style doors and the legislation around fire doors."

- Andrew Portman, Compliance Inspector

"Fantastic knowledge, presented in an interested manner too."

- Cy D'Anjou, Project Surveyor

"Excellent training, Tony was very knowledgable and answered any questions asked. Highly recommended."

- Reece Johnson, Building Surveyor

"I have gone from barely any knowledge on fire doors to having a very good understanding of fire doors and how to carry out inspections."

- Tom Morrison, Compliance Officer

"Really good and informative. Learnt many new things. Increased knowledge and confidence of fire doors. Thank you."

- Danielle Fleming, Senior Building Surveyor

"Best course of its type I have been on. Made a dry subject very interesting and enjoyable."

- Debbie Allen, Compliance Manager (Fire)

"Very informative and interested. Great learning curve."

- Alan Lloyd, Capital Team Leader

"Brilliant 2-day training which gave great knowledge of fire doors. Trainer was really good!"

- Ragvir Basra, Compliance Officer

"Tony has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and fire service background. I underestimated the in-depth background knowledge before doing a door inspection – really interesting training and subject."

- Geraint Mitchell, Property Surveyor

"A very knowledgeable and professional training that has improved my outlook to fire doors."

- James Wainwright

"Learned so much. Didn't realise so much was involved."

- Hazel Mitchell, HRO

"The course was excellent with good training materials and opportunities to put the training into practice. Highly recommended."

- Sarah Parker, Fire Safety Manager

"Very good, learned what aspects to look out for."

- Manoj Tank, Compliance Inspector

"Made me more aware of fire doors and all that goes into make them safe. Better understanding on how to do my checks."

- Nina Morley. Caretaker

"Very informative - the background knowledge made the core information make sense."

- Muhshi Jaigirdar, Surveyor

"Training was excellent and very relevant to my role, with the new legislation in mind."

- David Smith, Caretaker Supervisor

"Tony is a knowledge bank, you could ask him anything about a fire door and he'll have the answers."

- Abdul Lothif, Assistant Surveyor

"Tony Bolder has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he is able to transfer to bring me to a good standard of fire doors and understanding correct inspection process."

- Katherina Thomas, Building Safety (Fire) Officer

"Very good course, knowledgable trainer who delivered course in a manner which you understand the who, what and why."

- Ray Chapman, HO Fire Safety

"As an individual who doesn't work in H&S/compliance day to day, I found the course extremely informative, understandable and will help me day to day in inspections and acquisitions of new property."

- Jodie Harris, Housing Broker

"It opened up the sheer amount of facets within a fire door. The issues the industry faces and how to identify door issues."

- Mark Costello, Building Safety Officer

"A very interesting course, exceptionally well presented."

- Simon Huggins, Estate Management

Fire Safety in Timber Framed Buildings (Tony Bolder)

"Very good course, very knowledgeful, all questions answered very well with reference to required standards and legislation."

- Owen Bracegirdle, Senior Development Surveyor

"Extensive high standard of training – providing up to date information on key subject areas."

- Celfyn Evans, Fire Compliance Officer

"I personally thought that the Fire Safety in Timber Framed Buildings was very good and useful. The structure and delivery was good and understandable."

- Gethin Thomas, Assistant Development Surveyor

"Excellent training materials and course content."

- Mike Roberts, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Scottish fire safety courses (Ian Robertson)

"Training was really good, in depth, [learnt that] people behaviours vary in certain situations."

- Donna Gentles, Corporate Administrator

"Fantastic - excellent course content and delivery."

- Lisa Reynolds, Head of Property Services

"Very informative and concise. Well delivered and very well presented."

- Stuart Clift, ICT Officer

"Good course, well presented and informative."

- Stephanie Marshall, Director