H&S for the Board

If you’re a board member or member of a management committee have you ever received health and safety training – actually looking at some of the key areas that are relevant to social housing providers?

Its not just employees that organisations/employers have a legal responsibility for, it's others too such as contractors, visitors and of course, tenants and residents.

To fully understand your accountability to the moral and legal necessity for health and safety in your organisation, the booklet published by the HSE entitled ‘Leading health and safety at work’ is a useful source of information. We’ve actually gone one step further in our training session and tailored the requirements of ‘Plan Do Check Act’ to reflect the social housing sector.

We believe that, to fully understand your responsibilities, it’s not just about knowing the details – it’s more about how to discharge them effectively and how to protect yourself, your staff and your organisation; our sessions are interactive and actively invite discussion from attendees to ensure everyone is aware of their obligations and the importance of oversight within business.

Of course for social housing providers, the Regulator also sets out the key priorities for safety and what is expected of boards in terms of governance and seeking assurance – so, our session also covers the requirements of Regulators whether you are in Scotland, England or Wales as well as how you can seek assurance of compliance with the myriad of legal and regulatory requirements relating to safety.